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Some Of Our Services

Static Guarding

Taking care of the valuable infrastructure at your event.

Crowd Control

We help plan and manage the safe movement of large flows of people into, around, and out of your event.


Getting people checked in and wristbanded. Checking for fake wristbands. Removing non paying customers from the event.

Managing the bars

Assisting the bar staff in the safe operation of bars, and closing up at the end of the night.

Safety checks and risk management

Helping to manage the risks of a festival’s exciting and potentially dangerous acts and stage shows.

Co-operating with everyone else

Security plans work best when the security team works in co-operation with the other aspects of the event.

Looking after belongings

Guarding tents and cars, returning lost property to its owner.

General festival security

A balance of conflict management and peace keeping – with a smile.

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