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The Personnel We Can Provide Your Event With


To ensure the safety of your customers, and that your event runs without incident.


Multi-role event personnel, trained for litter picking, car parking, and more


To take care of your customers in case of worst-case scenario events


For risk assesments of your event, creating a safety plan, and ensure that plan is executed properly.


We can provide kitchen staff and managers for your event.


We provide security response vehicles as well as VIP Chauffeur driven cars, for your event VIPs.

Why we’re perfectly placed to ensure your event is the success it deserves to be

At Festival Security Solutions we’re as committed to ensuring the safety of your visitors as you are. Having managed security for a wide range of events over the years, from music festivals to car shows, we know just what it takes to ensure the safety of both visitors and infrastructure. We will work with you to develop a system whereby unforeseen problems can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As our reputation depends on our integrity, we will never compromise the safety of your visitors by supplying under-qualified staff or substandard security services. Not only are all our personnel highly trained and in possession of valid SIA licenses, they are also personable and capable of resolving volatile situations.

Unlike many other UK security companies, we are well aware that a heavy-handed approach is not the best approach to conflict resolution. Rather than resorting to physical intervention at the first sign of trouble, wherever possible we will attempt to diffuse the situation verbally. Especially if your event is likely to be an annual occurrence, the last thing you want to do is alienate the guests who have paid good money to attend!

People who go to festivals are there to have a good time. With our help, they can do so in a safe environment.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

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"You took the extra time and effort needed to peacefully resolve an unpleasant situation and stopped it from becoming violent - Thank you so very much"

-Silent Disco organizer - Scotland.
"You were so professional -you knew what to do when thieves turned up at our festival, I am sure if your guys had not responded as well as they did, we would have had many more thefts that day"

-Mark and Lisa -Festival camp-site managers
"I knew we had the right security people, when it started to rain heavily and you were well prepared and carried on doing your job regardless"

-Julie - Event organiser.

Event stewards

Car parking
"When we, the organisers were really busy, your event stewards took the strain and stopped us getting burned out mentally and physically before the event started"

Summer gathering
"Your event stewards were great to work with and a really useful backup when our volunteer crew got tired towards the end of the event"

-Stef -Steward co-ordinator
"In previous years, people got blocked in and there were unpleasant incidents. Cars got damaged as well. This year, your guys had it all under control. I was so pleased, it was money well spent. We would definitely use you again"
-Security manager - Polo cross world cup 2011